Rooms for rent in Madrid

Habitación Joven is a company that is dedicated to renting rooms in Madrid to student’s and young professionals for temporary stays.

Our objective is to facilitate boarding and rental of rooms for months at a time in central Madrid. We provide this service to youth who, for one reason or another, don’t feel the need to buy or lease a flat our entirely with the responsibilities this requires. Check our available rooms !!.

Shared Flats

All of our shared flats have various private bedrooms (from 4 to 6 bedrooms each flat) and common areas (living room, bathrooms, dining room and kitchen including kitchen appliances, refrigerator, dishwasher, toaster, microwave…).

We also offer a weekly housekeeping service in all of our flats for common areas and there are WiFi and landline phones available.

The majority of our flats are located in the center of Madrid.

We have various flats available in the best entertainment districts of Madrid, including the Retiro neighborhood, the University zone near the Complutense of Madrid, CEU, and Moncloa. We also rent rooms in Moratalaz neighborhood that is more economical and quiet, as well as the city of Alcorcón, where EuroVegas is under development.

For those that wish to be in Madrid but desire more tranquility and lower costs of living, we have various flats in the periphery of the city near Alcorcón and Moratalaz. All of these zones have excellent transport to the center of Madrid.

Amigos en piso compartido para alquiler de habitacionesLifestyle

Living in one of our flats gives our tenants the opportunity to live near the center of the city, near mains forms of transport, metro stations, parks, universities, and supermarkets, as well as eliminating the responsibilities of being a proprietor and all of the taxes, furnishing, bills, and paperwork that this entails.

Additionally, since students and young professionals from various nationalities, including Americans, British, Italian, German, Mexican, etc, live in our flats, our tenants also have the opportunity of practicing languages, learning about different cultures, and networking globally.

Terms & ConditionsTerms & Conditions

The rental of our rooms is contracted on a monthly basis for periods of less than one calendar year. Rooms are normally rented for periods of one school year from September to June, but since foreign students tend to have differing schedules, our rooms are sometimes free or occupied during various other time periods. This is why we provide an easy to use calendar to see when rooms will and will not be available throughout the year.

You will only be responsible for paying your room rental and your share of expenses, regardless of whether or not the rest of the rooms in the flat are occupied or not.

In order to rent out a room in one of our flats you must be of legal age and accept all the terms and conditions outlined in the signed contract.

Firma contrato alquiler Habitación JovenContract

Upon arrival, a contract is signed to rent out the bedroom in our flat and the keys are given to the new tenants. All pending payments must be done at this moment, including security deposits (not including reservation deposit) and the monthly rental payment.

The security deposit is equal to one monthly rental payment and will be returned once the room is left vacant and there are no damages or overdue payments pending.

The price of the room rental includes a monthly payment for occupancy and also includes the cost of services (including electric, phone, Internet, water, heating, gas, and housekeeping costs).

As far as documentation is concerned, we only ask that you provide a copy of your National Identity Document or Spanish DNI/TIE.

Contacto y reservas de habitación en piso compartidoContact Information & Reservations

To contact us you can reach us by telephone or on WhatsApp at +34 629 15 48 17 or through our contact page including your name, surnames, age, reason for your stay in Madrid and the length you wish to rent a room in one of our flats. If you are interested in any particular room you can make a reservation for your arrival.

To make a reservation you must fill out our form available on the Contact Us page on our website

Once you confirm you are free room, you have to pay for the reservation one month. This amount will later be counted towards your deposit once the rental contact is signed. If the tenant chooses to not occupy the room after the reservation, the deposit amount will not be returned at anytime.